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Volunteering with us is an extremely rewarding experience making a real difference to the lives of elderly Victorians.

Our volunteers are involved in many aspects of the life and care of our residents.

There are many and varied volunteering opportunities to become involved, from serving on our Board to school students visiting residents in our Residential care. We welcome individuals, school and community groups or individual students, including those completing their Duke of Edinburgh Award or International Baccalaureate.

Opportunities to volunteer vary, and everyone can experience the satisfaction of making new friends and learning new skills. You may also develop skills or interests that can be used beyond our villages.

Abound Communities has 190 volunteers and we have many more opportunities for you to be part of our community, but we would also welcome ideas of ways you would like to get involved.

We are currently looking for volunteers who can:

  • Help residents develop their IT skills
  • Build our range of activities
  • Foster friendships and reduce social isolation.

Read our Volunteering flyer and learn how to Volunteer With Us
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please email:

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