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vision and model

Our Vision

For over 150 years, Abound Communities has welcomed older Victorians into its four villages, where they enjoy balanced, active, social and healthy lives.


Through independent community living and care we enrich
the lives of our people


To advocate and provide affordable, safe and dignified independent homes for older Victorians within a village environment, and to offer appropriate and practicable extended care when it is required.


Respect – We appreciate, embrace and celebrate our differences
Community – We work collaboratively to foster open, inclusive and engaged communities
Kindness – We care about people and have a shared passion to support people to live fulfilling lives
Integrity – We are open, trustworthy and take responsibility for our actions

A place to belong


The traditional retirement village model is predicated on residents having a property to sell to fund the “buy in” to the village. As a result, a significant (and growing) cohort of people –single women in particular – are priced out and left in insecure rental housing

On the other side, social and community housing providers are challenged to maintain their financial viability and are typically not able to provide the same degree of community, lifestyle and care services that a “full service” provider could.

Abound Communities’ unique operating model allows us to remain financially sustainable while providing residents with a high quality community environment (see [living with us]) and providing substantially greater access to those in need than many retirement villages can, even not-for-profit providers.

The key pillars of our model are:

  • Offering a continuum of care – from independent living to homecare & assisted living support to residential aged care – under the one organisational umbrella
  • Charging a one-off, means-tested ingoing contribution on entry payable only by those who can afford it, and
  • For all residents, charging affordable monthly fees under a 49-year lease, which provides true secure tenure.
  • This model is supported by philanthropic donations of land or funds to build homes.