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Garry the Gorilla returned safely to his natural habitat

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Garry the Gorilla returned safely to his natural habitat

July 5, 2024

Garry is home!

We were thrilled to receive a call from Victoria Police on Monday morning letting us know that Gary the gorilla, our unofficial mascot at Leith Park in St Helena, has been returned to his natural habitat!

The residents and staff at Leith Park and Liscombe House were overjoyed when they heard that Garry had been safely delivered safely back into their local community.

“It is absolutely fabulous to have Garry back! My grandson and I always bake cookies for Garry when he visits, so I’ve baked some for his welcome home”, Leith Park resident Robyn says.

Garry's returned garnered national, and international, media attention, with Leith Park a hub of reporters and film crews for his safe return. You can watch Robyn and Garry's interview with The Project, here.

Garry was generously donated by Northcote Pottery in 2019 as part of a garden redevelopment which enhanced our resident’s connection to nature and quickly became a fixture of the Leith Park community.

Thank you to everyone in the local community who helped to bring Gary back home!