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Abound Communities Update, Acting CEO Apppointment: Carl Maissan

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Abound Communities Update, Acting CEO Apppointment: Carl Maissan

June 20, 2023

20 June 2023

Dear all,

This letter is to provide an update following the difficult news last Thursday regarding Phillip’s

Yesterday, Council and I agreed to my appointment as Acting CEO effective immediately for at least
the next eight weeks, and likely until a permanent replacement is appointed. During this time,
Abound’s Vice President, Dr Philomena Horsley, will step in for me as Acting President.

In making this appointment, our priority is to ensure seamless delivery of Abound’s critical services
to our residents. We have a dedicated and cohesive team, so I am confident in our ability to deliver.
Over the coming weeks, my other key focus will be to ensure we maintain momentum on our
organisational priorities, including the ramp-up of our home care offering, the refurbishment of the
Liscombe House aged care facility, and various initiatives underway to strengthen our operations.

Over the past few days, I’ve been humbled but not surprised to see the outpouring of positive
memories of Phillip from across the organisation and beyond. Having worked with him for eight
years, he certainly left his mark on me and my approach.

Please note, we are coordinating with the Wohlers family regarding funeral arrangements, which
will include a livestream for each of our villages. We will be able to update you in the next 1-2 days.
Condolence books will be available at each village reception, although I understand we may need
additional volumes shortly. I am keen to get out to each village and meet with residents and staff
over the next week or two. I will be sharing more information when possible and look forward to
working more closely with you.

Finally, on behalf of all the management team and I, we would like to again express our deepest
condolences to the Wohlers family and to all who knew Phillip. I want to express my thanks for the
support shown to me and the team more broadly, and to acknowledge the exceptional resilience
shown by the team. Please keep in mind that support remains available to staff, residents and

Abound has successfully journeyed over 150 years of ups and downs, and rest assured as a
community, we will navigate through this difficult time.

Carl Maissan
Acting CEO


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